Venture Nurturing™

Helping seed stage startups get where they need to be.

Win a FREE PASS to Venture Summit Virtual Connect
Gain Visibility for your startup

This unique program provides 25 qualified startups free tickets to attend and network at Venture Summit Virtual Connect.

The opportunity for VentureNurturing startups is totally free.

To qualify, your startup or the startup you nominate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have not raised any funding to date
  2. Have less than $100K annual revenue
  3. Have not previously attended a youngStartup Ventures conference

Startups selected will be awarded one VIP Pass to Venture Summit Virtual Connect.

VIP Pass includes:
Access to all VC Panels, Access to Startup Innovator Presentations, Access to Web App, Access to Mobile App, Access to 1 on 1 Scheduling App, Dedicated Networking Breaks, Digital Copy of Conference Guide and more.

*  Winners will be chosen at youngStartup’s discretion.


  1. Make a post on Twitter with why you think you should be selected and include the following: #venturenurturing #VSVC @youngstartupven.
  2. Suggestion – include a 60 second video of your elevator pitch in your tweet.
  3. Fill out the form below

Best of luck!

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