Carl Berke
Berke International Group

 The interaction between entrepreneurs, CEOs, the venture community, and investors is an extraordinary, strong, very productive mix. No conference brings it to bear like this youngStartup Ventures conference does.  

Dan Burstein
Managing Partner
Millennium Technology

 I have participated in numerous youngStartup conferences over the last decade, and always find them to be a highly interactive, multidimensional way to think out loud, learn, understand emerging trends, and network with the entrepreneurial community. Joe Benjamin and his youngStartup forums deserve the attention of those who seek to understand the early stage venture ecosystem.  

Patrick Chung

 Today’s summit was fantastic. We are located in the West Coast, and it’s always good to meet people on the East Coast to build new relationships. I’ve been able to meet amazing fellow investors as well as entrepreneurs. Meeting people is so very important, and that kind of  dynamic is something I feel here.  Very impressed  – I would love to continue to participate in youngStartup Ventures summits.  

Renee Compton Ryan
VP, Venture Investments
Johnson & Johnson Innovation

 Venture Summit West 2016 was a great two-day event – I connected with new companies and new investors in a super-positive, engaging environment. Hope to come back next year! 

Konstantine A. Drakonakis
PE // Director
LaunchCapital, LLC

  The youngStartup Ventures conference was well structured, with a very high bar for presenters, which is the major draw for VC’s to consider when selecting events. 

Walter Greenblatt
Hygeia Therapeutics

  Looking for investors with a specific value proposition – in other words a good fit – is a needle in a haystack. And there were several needles in the haystack at the youngStartup Ventures conference.  

Dave Gwozdz
Mojiva, Inc.

  We first took advantage of Young StartUp when we were just that – a three-month-old company, with three founders at the kitchen table. We presented, and youngStartup Ventures led us directly to investors that participated in both our Series A and Series B rounds. Their conferences work.  

  I saw 50-60 business opportunities in pharmaceuticals, Healthcare/IT and medical devices. I met many different venture capitalists and heard their perspectives, which were real eye openers for me.  

Dave Kirkpatrick
Founder and Managing Director
SJF Ventures

  The NY Venture Summit has been a great place to find quality growth companies. For example, I made a great connection on the Cleantech Panel with Trailblazer Capital which resulted in our leading the Series B financing for their portfolio company, EnTouch Controls, who were one of the featured presenters. 

Noah Kroloff
Managing Partner
NGN Capital

 It’s impressive that companies can present what they’re doing in a very short period of time –  it’s a very efficient way to hear about a lot of companies quickly. The panels have good panel members addressing a lot of good issues. It’s been a good day for everybody. 

Igal Ladabaum
Co-Founder, CEO

 We connected with a private investor who rounded out our convertible note offering. 

Cora Leibig
Founder & CEO
Chromatic 3D Materials

 The investors I met at the Venture Summit, and their connections, led to an over-subscribed investment round. 

Mary Lincoln Campbell
Managing Director
EDF Ventures

  The quality of the feedback given to entrepreneurs by investors prior to “showtime” was unparalleled in my experience. I highly recommend this conference.  

Dr. Douglas Lind
Managing Partner
GBP Capital

 It’s a great venue for networking, first and foremost. This conference introduced us to a number of people that we would never have seen otherwise, as well as collaborations with our portfolio companies and other portfolio companies. There is good energy, and a very constructive environment.  

Peter Longo
Senior Managing Director of Investments
Connecticut Innovations

 The collection of the quality of the companies and the amount of investors make your events second to none. 

Daniel J. Schultz
Co-Founder & Managing Director
DFJ Gotham Ventures

 The quality of companies was outstanding, and the presentations strong. I’m looking forward to following up with a number of presenting companies, as well as entrepreneurs that I spoke to. 

Wolf Shlagman
Consult a Doctor

 I am impressed with the quality of folks who are real venture capitalists, managing private equity. Folks actively looking for opportunities. 

Mina Sooch
General partner
Apjohn Ventures

 The most impressive aspect is the ratio of venture capitalists to entrepreneurs. There are at least 50 venture capitalists walking around looking at deals, which is a really healthy ratio for the entrepreneurs, because at the end of the day it’s all about them connecting with us…The quality of presenters was very high, and the CEOs are well prepared and knowledgeable about what it’s going to take to raise money. They’re prepared for the long haul to meet and make relationships with the venture community. 

Jeanne Sullivan
Starvest Partners

 I’m amazed by the large crowd and great enthusiasm in the room…a great opportunity as an entrepreneur. 

Ali Tehrani

  The decision makers are here. And I like the fact that West Coast companies are coming here, not just East Coast. Being able to tell our story to a large audience and get our name out there is what we, like any small company, really need. 

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