Venture Summit is the perfect place to efficiently meet, interact and network One-on-One with your future investors and partners utilizing an industry-leading built-in video meeting platform.

Gain access to our powerful matchmaking platform before the summit to build your profile, find the folks you want to meet, pre-book meetings in advance, and get connected.

Before the summit

Get a head start and get set up on the matchmaking platform as soon as possible to start booking meetings while other participant calendars are still open.

Depending on your ticket level, you will get access to the AI powered matchmaking platform before the conference kicks off, giving you the perfect opportunity to set up your profile up and start searching for other attendees.

AI-Powered Matchmaking

Create your profile by clearly describing what you are offering as well as what you are seeking.

Once that’s done, the platform will process its matchmaking algorithm and suggest the most relevant delegates for you to start connecting with.

Secure those meetings!

Your profile and business will be a factor on how many meetings requests you receive, but a bigger factor will be how engaged you are on the platform as well as the number of invites you send out.

Bear in mind that some attendees may be very busy, so it’s worthwhile reaching out to as many delegates that match your profile.

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