2017 Venture Summit West

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Shan Aggarwal, Greycroft Partners
Shan Aggarwal
Greycroft Partners
Shawn Ahdout, Alsop Louie Partners
Shawn Ahdout
Alsop Louie Partners
Grant Allen, ABB Technology Ventures
Grant Allen
ABB Technology Ventures
Dan Altschuler Malek, New Crop Capital
Dan Altschuler Malek
New Crop Capital
Seth Bannon, Fifty Years
Seth Bannon
Fifty Years
Ethan Batraski, Venrock
Ethan Batraski
Andrew Beebe, Obvious Ventures
Andrew Beebe
Obvious Ventures
Jacques Benkoski, U.S. Venture Partners
Jacques Benkoski
U.S. Venture Partners
Ashley Bittner, Owl Ventures
Ashley Bittner
Owl Ventures
Kris Bjornerud, Wavemaker Partners
Kris Bjornerud
Wavemaker Partners
Edouard Bulteau, Total Energy Ventures
Edouard Bulteau
Total Energy Ventures
Gareth  Burns, Statoil Energy Ventures Fund
Gareth Burns
Statoil Energy Ventures Fund
Terri Burns, Google Ventures
Terri Burns
Google Ventures
Leah Busque, FUEL Capital
Leah Busque
FUEL Capital
Alicia Castillo Holley, Sand Hill Angels
Alicia Castillo Holley
Sand Hill Angels
Bryan Chang, Collaborative Fund
Bryan Chang
Collaborative Fund
Amit Chaturvedy, Cisco Investments
Amit Chaturvedy
Cisco Investments
Sunil Chhaya, NextWorld Capital
Sunil Chhaya
NextWorld Capital
Asha Collins, Pipeline Angels
Asha Collins
Pipeline Angels
Kathleen Collins, Industry Ventures
Kathleen Collins
Industry Ventures
Rafael Costa, Vulcan Capital
Rafael Costa
Vulcan Capital
Heather Crawford, Band of Angels
Heather Crawford
Band of Angels
Sanjit Singh Dang, Intel Capital
Sanjit Singh Dang
Intel Capital
Marianne De Backer, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Marianne De Backer
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Angelo Del Priore, HP Tech Ventures
Angelo Del Priore
HP Tech Ventures
Lidiya Dervisheva, G2VP
Lidiya Dervisheva
Cong Ding, Comcast Ventures
Cong Ding
Comcast Ventures
Dan Doble, SABIC Ventures
Dan Doble
SABIC Ventures
Yizhen Dong, 11.2 Capital
Yizhen Dong
11.2 Capital
Vijay Doradla, Verizon Ventures
Vijay Doradla
Verizon Ventures
Tim Draper, Draper Associates
Tim Draper
Draper Associates
Tom Eggleston, Charmides Capital
Tom Eggleston
Charmides Capital
Jeff Ellington, FUEL Capital
Jeff Ellington
FUEL Capital
Laura Evans, Wildcat Venture Partners
Laura Evans
Wildcat Venture Partners
Michael Fanfant, Runa Capital
Michael Fanfant
Runa Capital
Banafsheh Fathieh, Naspers Ventures
Banafsheh Fathieh
Naspers Ventures
Victoria Fram, VilCap Investments
Victoria Fram
VilCap Investments
Lea Freeman, Qualcomm Ventures
Lea Freeman
Qualcomm Ventures
Ann Gaddy, BioPacific Investors
Ann Gaddy
BioPacific Investors
Shruti Gandhi, Array Ventures
Shruti Gandhi
Array Ventures
Yael Gilboa, DBL Partners
Yael Gilboa
DBL Partners
Andrew Goldberg, Vivo Capital
Andrew Goldberg
Vivo Capital
Zach Gonzales, Norwest Venture Partners
Zach Gonzales
Norwest Venture Partners
Rashmi Gopinath, Microsoft Ventures
Rashmi Gopinath
Microsoft Ventures
Rich Grant, Touchdown Ventures
Rich Grant
Touchdown Ventures
Kanu Gulati, Khosla Ventures
Kanu Gulati
Khosla Ventures
Baris Guzel, BMW i Ventures
Baris Guzel
BMW i Ventures
Yash Hemaraj, Benhamou Global Ventures
Yash Hemaraj
Benhamou Global Ventures
Carolina Huaranca, Kapor Capital
Carolina Huaranca
Kapor Capital
Wally Hunter, EnerTech Capital
Wally Hunter
EnerTech Capital
Villi Iltchev, August Capital
Villi Iltchev
August Capital
Alexis Ji, Illumina Ventures
Alexis Ji
Illumina Ventures
Jennifer Kaehms, Canvas Ventures
Jennifer Kaehms
Canvas Ventures
Ansaf Kareem, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Ansaf Kareem
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Eylul Kayin, NEA
Eylul Kayin
Eva Khoo, Vertex Ventures
Eva Khoo
Vertex Ventures
Maxwell Kim, Interwest Partners
Maxwell Kim
Interwest Partners
Jocelyn Kinsey, DFJ
Jocelyn Kinsey
Howard Ko, Morpheus Ventures
Howard Ko
Morpheus Ventures
Lauren Kolodny, Aspect Ventures
Lauren Kolodny
Aspect Ventures
Gabriel Kra, Prelude Ventures
Gabriel Kra
Prelude Ventures
Shrina Kurani, Better Ventures
Shrina Kurani
Better Ventures
Michael Lavin, Germin8 Ventures
Michael Lavin
Germin8 Ventures
Rob Leclerc, AgFunder
Rob Leclerc
Lisha Li, Amplify Partners
Lisha Li
Amplify Partners
Robin Li, GGV Capital
Robin Li
GGV Capital
Shripriya Mahesh, Omidyar Network
Shripriya Mahesh
Omidyar Network
Lisa Marrone, August Capital
Lisa Marrone
August Capital
Susan Mason, Aligned Partners
Susan Mason
Aligned Partners
Tom Mastrobuoni, Tyson Ventures
Tom Mastrobuoni
Tyson Ventures
Melina  Mathur, Asset Management Ventures
Melina Mathur
Asset Management Ventures
Brad McManus, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital
Brad McManus
Motorola Solutions Venture Capital
Irem Mertol, McKesson Ventures
Irem Mertol
McKesson Ventures
Ben Metcalfe, Ridge Ventures
Ben Metcalfe
Ridge Ventures
SC Moatti, Mighty Capital
SC Moatti
Mighty Capital
Alex Morgan, Khosla Ventures
Alex Morgan
Khosla Ventures
Stephanie Mui, NEA
Stephanie Mui
Ravi Mulugu, Next47
Ravi Mulugu
Ami Naik, Radical Impact
Ami Naik
Radical Impact
Ben Narasin, NEA
Ben Narasin
Suman Natarajan, Citi Ventures
Suman Natarajan
Citi Ventures
T.T. Nguyen Duc, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund
T.T. Nguyen Duc
Pearson Affordable Learning Fund
Marlon Nichols, Cross Culture Ventures
Marlon Nichols
Cross Culture Ventures
Luke Pappas, NEA
Luke Pappas
Preetha Parthasarathy, Intel Capital
Preetha Parthasarathy
Intel Capital
Heidi Patel, Rethink Impact
Heidi Patel
Rethink Impact
Lauren Michelle Pfeifer, Maschmeyer Group Ventures
Lauren Michelle Pfeifer
Maschmeyer Group Ventures
Ulrich Quay, BMW i Ventures
Ulrich Quay
BMW i Ventures
Aanand Radia, University Ventures
Aanand Radia
University Ventures
Vivek Ramaswami, Redpoint Ventures
Vivek Ramaswami
Redpoint Ventures
Brandon Reeves, Lux Capital
Brandon Reeves
Lux Capital
Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures
Bill Reichert
Garage Technology Ventures
Praveen Sahay, WAVE Equity Partners
Praveen Sahay
WAVE Equity Partners
Priya Saiprasad, Microsoft Ventures
Priya Saiprasad
Microsoft Ventures
Maria Salamanca, Unshackled Ventures
Maria Salamanca
Unshackled Ventures
Parsa Saljoughian, IVP
Parsa Saljoughian
Shrikant Sathe, Vedanta Capital
Shrikant Sathe
Vedanta Capital
Ken Sawyer, Saints Capital
Ken Sawyer
Saints Capital
Carol Schrader, Astia Angels
Carol Schrader
Astia Angels
Reese Schroeder, Tyson Ventures
Reese Schroeder
Tyson Ventures
Abhishek Sharma, Nexus Venture Partners
Abhishek Sharma
Nexus Venture Partners
Ajay Sharma, JetBlue Technology Ventures
Ajay Sharma
JetBlue Technology Ventures
Lindsay Sharma, Industry Ventures
Lindsay Sharma
Industry Ventures
Han Shen, iFly.vc
Han Shen
Abhishek Shukla, GE Ventures
Abhishek Shukla
GE Ventures
Monica Simo, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Monica Simo
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Richard Simoni, Asset Management Ventures
Richard Simoni
Asset Management Ventures
Ajit Singh, Artiman Ventures
Ajit Singh
Artiman Ventures
Ishan Sinha, Point72 Ventures
Ishan Sinha
Point72 Ventures
Tanya Soman, 500 Startups
Tanya Soman
500 Startups
Pedro Sorrentino, ONEVC
Pedro Sorrentino
Michael Stewart , Applied Ventures
Michael Stewart
Applied Ventures
George Straschnov, Bisk Ventures
George Straschnov
Bisk Ventures
Li Sun, Bessemer Venture Partners
Li Sun
Bessemer Venture Partners
Rajesh Swaminathan, Applied Ventures
Rajesh Swaminathan
Applied Ventures
Sydney  Sykes, NEA
Sydney Sykes
Sydney Thomas, Precursor Ventures
Sydney Thomas
Precursor Ventures
Leigh Thompson, Dow Ventures
Leigh Thompson
Dow Ventures
Esther Tricoche, NewSchools Venture Fund
Esther Tricoche
NewSchools Venture Fund
Jeff Truong, Altos Ventures
Jeff Truong
Altos Ventures
Marc van den Berg, DBL Partners
Marc Van Den Berg
DBL Partners
Anarghya Vardhana, Maveron
Anarghya Vardhana
Kamal Vasagiri, GE Ventures
Kamal Vasagiri
GE Ventures
Sophia Viklund, Golden Seeds
Sophia Viklund
Golden Seeds
Tim Wang, Westly Group
Tim Wang
Westly Group
Dea Wilson, Tech Angels
Dea Wilson
Tech Angels
Jen Wolf, Initialized Capital
Jen Wolf
Initialized Capital
Matthew Wukasch, Charmides Capital
Matthew Wukasch
Charmides Capital
Brandon Yahn, Convivialite Ventures
Brandon Yahn
Convivialite Ventures
Chris Yeh, Wasabi Ventures
Chris Yeh
Wasabi Ventures
Elizabeth Yin, Hustle Fund
Elizabeth Yin
Hustle Fund
Kevin Zhang, Bain Capital Ventures
Kevin Zhang
Bain Capital Ventures
Lu Zhang, Fusion Fund
Lu Zhang
Fusion Fund

More to be Announced


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The 6th annual Venture Summit West, presented by youngStartup Ventures, is the premier industry gathering connecting venture capitalists, corporate VCs, angel investors, technology transfer professionals, senior executives of early stage and emerging growth companies, university researchers, incubators and premier service providers.

Whether you are an investor seeking access to new early stage deals, or a CEO or Founder of a new venture looking for funding, visibility and growth, Venture Summit West is one event you won’t want to miss.

This exclusive full-day Venture Capital Summit will feature:

Venture Panels

Hear top tier VCs, Corporate VCs and Angel Investors on the key issues facing Investors and Startup CEOs alike. Industry experts will provide updated analyses and share their experience with the audience.

To Apply to Speak, Click here!


Company Presentations

Discover more than 50 of the hottest early stage and emerging growth technology, mobile, life sciences, healthcare IT, clean-tech and ed-tech innovators as they present live to leading investors.

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High Level Networking

Connect with investors, startups and potential partners.


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Audience Profile: Venture Capitalists, angel investors, corporate VCs, CEOs, CFOs and other senior management of early stage and emerging growth ventures, technology transfer professionals and premium services firms.

Partial List of VCs Confirmed

Previous Summit Highlights

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Get Noticed Get Funded Grow Faster

A select group of more than 50 Top Innovators from the Technology, Cleantech, Life Sciences and EdTech sectors will be chosen to present their breakthrough investment opportunities to an exclusive audience of Venture Capitalists, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, Corporate Investors, and Strategic Partners.

To apply, your company must be privately held and ideally come from one of the following industry sectors:


  • FinTech
  • Mobile
  • Internet/Digital Media
  • Saas
  • Security
  • Software/IT

Life Sciences / Healthcare

  • Biotech
  • Diagnostics
  • Drug Discovery
  • Pharma
  • Healthcare IT
  • Medical Devices


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Water & Wastewater


  • Corporate Training
  • Digital Textbooks
  • EdTech Mobile
  • Higher Education
  • K-12
  • NextGen
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