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The re-centering of our education system to one where all students are thriving, not simply surviving is core to her values and has driven her career. She is a proud daughter of creative, bold, and rebellious first-generation immigrants and a graduate of multicultural and working-class schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Her work in the human development sector has moved between the public and private sectors, and includes founding a primary school in Hayward, CA, developing teacher training programs in Egypt, go-to-market strategy for African edutainment shows at UBONGO, assessing online learning programs in Nepal and developing entrepreneurship training curriculum in Tibet with the US State Department.

Prior to Lumos, Yichen led Asia expansion for Nova Credit and was a technology investment banker at Goldman Sachs. She has advised early stage education technology entrepreneurs at Village Capital, created television shows at Amazon Studios and started her career at Cisco’s in-house venture capital arm focused on emerging markets.

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