Wouter Meuleman

Illumina Ventures

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Wouter is a Partner at Illumina Ventures, a life sciences VC firm in the San Francisco Bay Area investing in tools, diagnostics and therapeutics companies with a particular emphasis on genomics. Prior to Illumina Ventures, he worked at Illumina, Inc. in various roles throughout the organization including R&D, Product Development, and Corporate Development. A physical chemist by training, he began his career in life sciences as a founding team member at Oxford University spin-out Oxamer, co-founded in 2003 by Prof. Sir Edwin Southern. Following the company’s acquisition by Oxford Gene Technology, he continued working alongside Prof. Southern leading R&D programs in areas such as single cell gene expression analysis and novel applications for DNA microarrays. He obtained his undergraduate and Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Ghent, Belgium; a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Newcastle, U.K; and an MBA from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

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Venture Summit | West 2019
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3

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