Uzma Choudry

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Intrigued by the inner workings of the world around me, and having an aptitude for maths and sciences, it was natural for me to embark on a PhD. On the journey to receiving my doctorate, I was awarded a fellowship by the University’s Innovation Centre, which allowed me to indulge in my love of cutting-edge science and break-through discoveries. I also became acquainted with the key challenges around spinning out and scaling R&D heavy businesses (such as deep tech and biotech businesses). Thus, when I was offered a position in Venture Capital it was a no-brainer.

Having completed a PhD I felt ready for the next challenge, this time switching from science to finance and start-ups. It is my un-quenching thirst for learning and the opportunity to meet some of the most intelligent and interesting people, that keeps me excited about VC.

I have an active interest in Deep tech and Biotech businesses and everything that lies along this spectrum. I have spent time looking at materials, quantum computing, robotics, drones/ UAVs and platform tech within cell and gene therapy, precision medicine, synthetic biology, gene editing, microbiome editing, computational/ in-silico ‘omics.

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