Shamik Parekh

Investment Associate
Octopus Ventures

Current Summit Page

Shamik has been with the Octopus TenX Health Fund since its inception and is one of the founding members. Prior to joining, Shamik worked at the NAPC and helped roll out its Digital Programme, which continues to serve as an accelerator and scale up for UK and European health tech companies.
Shamik has early-stage VC experience from Cerracap Ventures, a leading midsize venture capital fund based in California, where he was involved across a number of VC activities ranging from deal sourcing, due diligence, market deep dives, creating investment theses for new investments and fundraising support.

Shamik began his professional career at a boutique hedge fund where he was involved in managing, financing, and developing commodity supply chains as well as supporting artisanal mining programmes in Bolivia, Turkey & Papua New Guinea.

Shamik is attending / has attended:

VSVC West 2021

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