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Jump Capital

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Saurabh Sharma is a Partner at Jump Capital – an early and growth stage fund where he leads their efforts on Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity and Blockchain Infrastructure. Prior to joining Jump, Saurabh led various roles at Groupon in product, marketing & operations. Previously, he was an early stage investor at Lightbank, an Investment Banker with Barclays Capital, an algo trader with Lehman Brothers, and was a founding team member of Benchprep (a venture-backed digital learning platform).  Saurabh started his career as a High-Performance Computing researcher at French National Institute for Scientific Research where he focused on Compiler Optimization for mission-critical computing. Saurabh holds a Masters in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Chicago Booth.

Saurabh is attending / has attended:

The 2018 New York Venture Summit

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