Ryan Bloomer

Managing Director
Kairos Fund

Current Summit Page

Ryan Bloomer is a founding partner at Kairos where he supports and invests in talented founders from around the world that are rethinking traditional industries.  Before he started investing, Ryan founded his own real estate company while in college and was an operator at Garment Valet and 1-Page (which IPOd as 1PG) where he was responsible for early growth, product operations, and hiring.  Ryan was first an early stage investor at Blumberg Capital in San Francisco before starting his own fund Momentum Venture Partners at the age of 28 and raised Kairos first fund last year with his partners Ankur Jain and Alex Fiance.  Over his career, he has invested in over 20 companies and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe as a mentor and advisor.   Ryan’s sweet spot is in early stage and he has worked in several industries such as Healthcare, Food and Agriculture, Banking, Insurance, Housing, Entertainment, and Gov-Tech. Ryan splits his life between New York and the West Coast and graduated from Questrom School of Management at Boston University in 2007.

Ryan is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2018

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