Roberto Machado

Tech Coast Angels

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Roberto is a member of the Tech Coast Angels in Los Angeles, the largest angel investment group in the US. He has done 20 investments so far, mostly in California-based companies.

Roberto is the co-founder and CEO of Betablocks, an enterprise blockchain company focusing on self-sovereign identity management leavening permission blockchain.

He is also a Managing Partner of MarketFit accelerator, supporting the growth of startups in the US.

Previously, he was a Sr Executive for Michael Page, IMG and Banco Santander.

He holds Bachelor degrees in Management and in Economics from Wittenberg University (Ohio), with MBAs from top schools in France and Brazil. He also has a degree in Venture Capital from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

Roberto is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2018
The 2017 Mobile Summit
The 2019 New York Venture Summit

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