Ray Chan

Managing Director
K5 Ventures

Current Summit Page

Ray Chan is a prominent investor who has been recognized as one of Orange County Business Journal’s most influential business leaders since 2017.

Ray is the Chairman of Koa Accel, co-founder and Managing Director of K5 Ventures, and has been leading county-wide efforts to build the tech and startup ecosystem within Orange County throughout the past decade. He is also an active member of Tech Coast Angels, a former member of their Board of Governors and an Investment Partner for their Angel Capital Entrepreneur Fund I, II and III. Ray has a 30+ year track record of successful business execution and of being a startup queen/kingmaker.

Some of K5 Ventures successful exits include Everyone.net (acquired by Proofpoint), Connectifier (acquired by LinkedIn), SignNow (acquired by Barracuda Networks), Flipagram (acquired by ByteDance, owner of TikTok) and Slack.

Ray is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2020
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global

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