Olivia Gaudree

Core Analyst
Rokk3r Fuel ExO

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Olivia Gaudree is a core analyst at Rokk3r Fuel ExO leadership team and provides operational and analytical support to the R3F General Partners, Limited Partners and portfolio companies. She is responsible for guiding prospective founders through essential stages of the comprehensive due diligence process and toward possible acceptance in the R3F Private Equity/Venture Capital Fund. Olivia is responsible for assessing and analyzing investment opportunities that flow through the deal screening process, assisting in the detailed due diligence conducted on prospective companies. Additionally, she oversees the growth metrics of R3R Fund investments and allocations, continually reviewing and updating the comprehensive dates that is represented through pubic and non public medium.

Before joining the Rokk3r Fuel Investment Team in 2018, Olivia interned at Thomson Reuters NY office in the Financial and Risk Division. Prior to that, she worked at Blue Shores Capital as an equity Research intern performing directed equity research projects. Olivia graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors of Science in Finance..

Olivia is attending / has attended:

The 2019 New England Venture Summit

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