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Noreen is currently an early stage investor at Plug and Play Ventures in Silicon Valley, she splits her time between Energy & Sustainability and Healthtech investing. Previously she worked in product management roles at Vivid Technologies and as a data scientist and research analyst at Renovo Technologies. Noreen graduated from UC Davis with honors in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a double minor in History and Political Science.While at UC Davis, Noreen won many awards for her research in Silicon chemistry and founded the group Chemistry for the Globe connecting chemistry students across the UC’s to brainstorm and promote the fight against climate change. She is involved in various organizations including the Virmani Education Trust to improve healthcare, poverty, and hunger in India.

She is extremely passionate about connecting with others and speaking with diverse founders to promote growth in the venture community. Outside of work Noreen has completed multiple marathons, likes to read, discover new podcasts, and dabbles in standup comedy.

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