Michael Savage

Executive Coach & Partner
Prime Movers Lab

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Michael Savage is currently Partner and Executive Coach at Prime Movers Lab, a deep tech Venture Capital Firm with a mission to impact billions in a positive way through investing in Heart Centered and Growth Oriented founders and their visions. For over two decades Michael has impacted founders and entrepreneurs as a Dynamic speaker, trainer, and coach.
His worldwide client base encompasses stay at home parents and also reaches executives & CEOs. He delivers impactful trainings and is a results driven Coach as well as a Trainer of Coaches. Michael Holds his I.C.F. credentials as well as his B.C.C. (Board Certified Coach)
Michael worked exclusively through Robbins Research International – an Anthony Robbins Company, as a Platinum and Master Coach – where he has to date spent 26 years attending and supporting events, as well as facilitating Life & Wealth Mastery. He now manages his private executive coaching practice.
He is co-founder of CORE Coach – a Coach Training and Certification School specializing in professional training for professional coaches. Today Michael coaches a select group of business clients mostly consisting of founders and CEOs at the seed or series A stage of their start-up, and is advisor to a number if SaaS and Venture backed companies including Outreach.io, Regie.io, Flexe, C4SVentures, and more. Michael sits on the board of several companies as well as a charity supporting the arts. He lives in central Florida with his family.

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