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Mr. Duckworth is the co-founder of MaSa Partners, an impact investment venture that provides capital and advisory services to early-stage companies innovating and disrupting energy, food and agriculture, healthcare, life sciences, and other areas of our lives. He was previously a senior executive at Constellation Energy, where over the years he led the structured deal, global trading, global asset management, and wholesale commodities groups. Mr. Duckworth also served as the commercial lead in a $5B nuclear divestiture that created Constellation Energy Nuclear Group in partnership with Electricité de France. He has served on a number of private company and charitable boards. Mr. Duckworth received a BS and MA in Physics from Imperial College, London, and Boston University, respectively. He is also an Associate of the Royal College of Science, and has published several policy papers in the areas of climate change and renewable energy.

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VSVC West 2021

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