Lance Quek

Founding Managing Partner
Gamerforce Ventures

Current Summit Page

Lance is the Founding Managing Partner at Gamerforce Ventures, a global early stage venture capital firm focused on the esports and gaming sector. As an entrepreneur, he has built and sold a cloud computing startup. As an angel investor, he has made more than 10 startup investments and 3 VC fund investments as an LP. He strongly believes in building startups towards hypergrowth in order to generate the best returns for his investors, and likes to take a more hands-on approach while working with the founders he invested in. He believes that as a founder, he will be able to empathize with founders much better and help them grow much faster, and leverages on the lessons he learns to help founders to grow to the next level.

Lance is also the published author of The Esports Revolution (ISBN 9798696362236) and is working on another book about angel investing in Southeast Asia.

Lance is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3

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