Kira Noodleman

Bee Partners

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Kira enjoys tackling problems in disruptive industries and across cultures. Her appreciation for skillful risk-taking attracted her to entrepreneurship, and ultimately to her role in venture capital.

At Bee Partners, she spends the majority of her time identifying and investing in Founders and startups servicing enterprises and enabling new marketplaces. She dedicate the remainder of her time to portfolio operations and company building.

Bee Partners works with passionate entrepreneurs possessing deep market insights. We are frequently the first outside capital into a pre-Seed company. We also invest at the Seed-stage, helping to refer reference customers, capital sources, strategic insights, leadership support and more. At Bee Partners, we’re ready and eager to slog through the various tribulations of entrepreneurship and help founders produce efficient, elegant, and lasting companies that create or meaningfully change customer experiences.

Kira is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2020

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