Judith Erwin

Founding CEO
Grasshopper Bank

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Judith Erwin is the founding CEO of Grasshopper Bank, the first digital business bank in the United States.
Judith was on the founding executive team for Square 1 Bank in 2005, responsible for venture capital services globally. Square 1 successfully went public in 2014 and was later sold to Pacific Western Bank. She previously worked at Imperial and Comerica.
After 35 years in banking, Judith knew it was the time to make significant changes in the commercial banking industry. Her strategy was to build a bank from scratch providing a modern banking platform, intuitive user experience and proactive support to help founders and their companies scale and succeed. Grasshopper Bank opened its doors on May 13, 2019 becoming the first US digital commercial bank, first new bank in NY in ten years, and first de novo with a female CEO and female CFO.

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