Jordan Wahbeh

Managing Partner
SV Venture Group

Current Summit Page

If you think we can help, or work together, pls send a note. In Venture Capital world, I help startups build, grow, fundraise, scale, & achieve through operations, partnership, fund raising, business development, and team leadership – for USA, MENA, South America, Dubai, European eco-systems. To connect with me – pls send email to [email protected]

As an experienced and proven leader , advisor, and mentor , I will assist or lead in business operations, business development, org transformation, customer management, PMO, and team growth. As an innovative change agent in Technology, SW, IoT, Smart Home, Big Data and Analytics, I am able to provide for your scale, growth, and business needs through commitment, network, and skills to create, build, operationalize, and guide you through your journey.

My experience includes hands-on work, and leadership in high-demand, fast-paced, or structured environments in engineering, business, SW development, IT, Hi-Tech, Big Data/Analytics, PMO, and manufacturing.

Jordan is attending / has attended:

The 2017 Mobile Summit
Venture Summit | West 2019
Venture Summit | West 2020
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3
VSVC West 2021
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 21

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