Jonathan Jennings

Senior Analyst
Framework Venture Partners

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Jonathan is a Senior Analyst on the investment team at Framework Venture Partners. Based in Toronto, Jonathan helps source new investment opportunities, perform investment due diligence and execution, as well as work with our extended portfolio companies on growth projects.

Prior to venture capital, Jonathan worked for 3 years in public accounting where he focused on financial reporting for growth technology organizations and large private businesses, and the last 4 years in consulting at KPMG where he led high profile projects related to corporate strategy initiatives and co-founded KPMG Canada’s blockchain and digital asset practice with a group of amazing individuals. In his most recent role, he was responsible for designing the overall go-to-market strategy, scaling the team, product rollout, and building KPMG’s brand within the blockchain and digital asset space.

Jonathan is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit Virtual Connect 21

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