Joanne Wong

General Partner
REDDS Capital

Current Summit Page

Joanne is General Partner of REDDS Capital, Californian based VC firm investing in global early-stage & seed level IT startups. She is Director of Commercialization Strategies at STAR Associates providing financial and technical advisory services to help global companies (seed to series A) in emerging technologies (space, healthcare, IT) go to the next level. She is a mentor/advisor for multiple startups.

Joanne is Executive Director of a healthcare charity startup, Cancer Computer, building supercomputers from donated hardware to provide free access to high performance computational resources that leading medical researchers require.

Joanne has a Bachelors of Engineering from McGill University. She is Vice Chair, Investor & Industry Activities of IEEE Entrepreneurship and Executive Officer of IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society.

Joanne is attending / has attended:

The 2019 New England Venture Summit
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global

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