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Jake Harris is an Investor at DBL Partners, which he joined in 2018. DBL has been investing for over a decade and a half with the belief that a company’s financial performance (The First Bottom Line) and positive social impact (The Second Bottom Line) not only complement each other but enhance each other to drive performance and success. Today, DBL is proud to work with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world solving some of the most pressing problems in the world in the areas of clean energy, conservation and resource optimization, agriculture and food, the space/earth nexus, transportation and mobility, and the future of work. DBLs portfolio includes leading companies like Tesla, SolarCity, Revolution Foods, Farmers Business Network, The RealReal, Mapbox, SpaceX, Andela, and others. Prior to DBL, Jake served in various business development roles with Plan International, securing large-scale contracts and grants for high-impact projects throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Jake has also worked with Contrary Capital, the Yale Investment Office, Social Impact Capital, and the Twilio Impact Investing Fund

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