Ivneet Bhullar

Senior Associate
Fusion Fund

Current Summit Page

Ivneet is an investor at Fusion Fund, where he leverages his strong technical, business and operational background to invest in companies across healthcare, industrial and enterprise technology. Prior to joining, Ivneet spent over five years in various roles in biopharma at Genentech and Amgen. Most recently Ivneet was a Senior Manager in Amgen’s Digital Health & Innovation group as a part of the Strategy & Business Development team where he sourced, conducted diligence on, and executed transactions with health technology companies. Ivneet also previously spent time in Lazard’s Healthcare M&A team and has consulted for several early-stage startups on projects ranging from fundraising to developing go-to-market strategies. Ivneet holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an M.S. in Bioengineering from UC San Diego, and a B.S. in Bioengineering from UCLA.

Ivneet is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global 21

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