Haolin Sung

Managing Partner
Chaperone Investment

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Haolin Sung is the founder and managing partner of Chaperone Investment, a Taiwan-based venture capital firm focused on angel and early-stage healthcare and biotech investments.

For over 10 years, Haolin has dedicated himself to building and developing several companies including Panlabs and MountainVet as a board director. He held the same leadership position at Pharmigene. In addition, Haolin currently serves in critical roles at various Chaperone portfolio companies including Celtech and Caliway where Haolin helps establish funding, devise business development strategies and implement licensing activities.

Prior to launching Chaperone Investment, Haolin was the director of the direct investment department for Diamond Biofund, the largest Biotech VC in Taiwan. Haolin was also the deputy director of Microbio Biotech in Shanghai. Haolin was previously with First Capital Management as a healthcare/biotech industry analyst.

Haolin earned his EMBA at Columbia University and London Business School and he holds a B.S. degree in Biochemistry from Dong Hwa University.

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