Hana Khosla

Activant Capital

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Hana is on the investment team at Activant Capital, a growth equity firm investing in commerce infrastructure, broadly defined as technology that helps companies make, move, and sell more goods, whether physical or digital. Prior to joining Activant, Hana was in the Private Equity Group at Goldman Sachs, where she evaluated investments in companies across all industries, geographies, and growth stages. She earned her degree in Economics from the University of Chicago, and focused her studies at the intersection of healthcare and economics while completing health policy placements at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and research in UChicago’s Healthcare Economics department. Through her experiences in the healthcare space, Hana garnered an appreciation for how technology and innovation can have a transformative impact on legacy industries. In her spare time, Hana enjoys running, skiing, and is a certified trainer of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Hana is attending / has attended:

The 2019 New York Venture Summit

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