Gayatri Sarkar

Managing Partner
Hype Capital VC Fund

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Gayatri Sarkar is a Managing Partner at Hype Capital. She is an advisor, investor and at the invention selection Committee of multiple Family Foundation for deep tech startups investment.

Previously she worked as a Partner in venture arm of NFLA Sports fund, and hedge fund. She has 15 years of collective experience in operator, entrepreneurship and fund management role. Previously worked in senior executive position at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Goldman Sachs, IBM, HP with strong big data and fintech background. She founded two startups. She sits on multiple companies board in US, EU and Asia. She is a founder of She-VC in collaboration 1200 VC funds and fund of funds across 46 countries. She is a fundraising and development chair at Harvard alumni Board of Director.

A Physics major and math minor with an MBA in operations management.

Gayatri is attending / has attended:

The 2019 New England Venture Summit
Venture Summit | West 2020

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