Gail Page

Venture Partner
Turret Funds

Current Summit Page

In October of 2018, Ms Page joined Turret Capital as a Venture Partner where she will be working to leverage her years of experience in the Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory sectors. She will work with the team to identify technologies and companies that are key to the mission of Turret Funds. This will dovetail with her earlier work at Vineyard Investment Advisors, (2013-2018) which focused on partnering with entrepreneurs, businesses, and universities to transform their ideas into products and services. Prior to this venture, Ms. Page served as the President / CEO of Vermillion, Inc. from Jan 2004 thru December 2012. She was a member of the board from 2006 thru 2012 and served as Chairperson from 2010-2011. Upon joining Vermillion in 2004 she inspired a pioneering spirit. Under her leadership the company was repositioned to embrace the progressive nature of its pipeline, successfully raised over $100M in funding, developed and commercially launched the first FDA-cleared blood test to help diagnose ovarian cancer by engaging Quest Diagnostics as an equity and commercial partner. Ms. Page has spent her entire career in health care and has a passion for emerging technologies that advance the efforts in personalized medicine. She currently serves on several boards, public and private, as is a frequent guest speaker within the industry.

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