Derek Rapp

Managing Director
RiverVest Venture Partners

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I joined RiverVest Venture Partners, a life sciences venture capital firm last fall. We focus on biopharma and medical devices. Acquisitions account for a significant percentage of the exits of our portfolio companies. I have spent a good portion of my career in M&A. I led M&A for Monsanto Company twice (in the late ‘90’s and again from 2011-2014). In those stints, I oversaw or directly led a wide range of deals as both seller and buyer – from small to multi-billion dollars. I also was CEO of a venture-backed biotech start-up and led its successful sale in 2011. I began my career in M&A at Lazard Freres & Co. From 2014-2019, I took a detour in my career and was President and CEO of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (“JDRF”). I live in St. Louis, MO, where much of RiverVest’s operations are located.

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