Damien Petty

Morpheus Ventures

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Damien manages Morpheus’s investments in Rigetti Computing, Ten63, Vicarious and Starship Technologies. Previously, he led Iconical’s investment in DeepMind Technologies (acq. by Google), Vivino, Bossa Nova Robotics, Spirosure (acq. by Caire Inc.), and Fanduel (acq. by Flutter). He also actively helps other portfolio companies on financing, M&A and growth hacking–including: Wire, Rdio, and Covata. Damien was part of the team that represented the founders of Skype in all major transactions, including the sale of Skype to eBay in 2005, the re-acquisition of Skype in 2009 in partnership with a with a consortium of private equity firms, and the sale of Skype to Microsoft.

Damien is attending / has attended:

The 2019 New England Venture Summit
Venture Summit | West 2020
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global 21
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 21

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