Chuck Templeton

Managing Director
S2G Ventures

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Chuck Templeton is a long-time entrepreneur who has a deep passion for helping early-stage and emerging entrepreneurs and companies across multiple verticals. Inspired by the promise of building a better future for his daughters, he has focused on using business innovations to find solutions to the most urgent environmental and societal problems facing humanity today. Chuck joined S2G Ventures because of a deep-rooted belief that it holds a unique opportunity to help reimagine our food system to move from cheap calories to cheap nutrition, while also mitigating and adapting to climate change. A healthy and sustainable food system could both dramatically reduce our health care costs while regenerative ag practices can help reverse climate change. Because of his experience as an entrepreneur, he focuses his work there on supporting portfolio companies in operations, sales, marketing and team building. He loves problem solving with the portfolio, helping each entrepreneur reach their true potential. As an ultra-runner and former Army Ranger, Chuck is well-versed about the importance of healthy, nutritious food for maximum mental and physical performance. And as a father, a citizen and a business person, he believes the only solution that makes sense, is one with nutrient dense, affordable, sustainable and climate stabilizing food.

Chuck is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2018

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