Carsten Boers

Managing Partner
Rhapsody Venture Partners

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Carsten grew up in Germany, and just like the stereotype suggests, he is well organized and very direct. He tries hard to be funny, but fails, as the urge to be logical and blunt overrides any sense of humor. Following his degree at the London School of Economics, Carsten worked in consulting at Monitor and then co-founded the Western world’s first mobile marketing company, Flytxt. After selling Flytxt, he became an investor and transaction adviser. Out of a portfolio of successful hard tech investments emerged Rhapsody Venture Partners.

Rhapsody Venture Partners is a venture fund in Cambridge, MA, investing exclusively in hard science startups. Rhapsody’s team is focused on realizing commercial adoption of scientific inventions. Alongside an investment, Rhapsody embeds itself into a startup’s executive team and leverages its industry network to strike early partnerships. As a result, portfolio companies are quick to market, face little dilution and generate early exit options. Rhapsody is privileged to work with some of the greatest scientific minds in the world, to create breakthrough solutions and wealth.

Carsten is attending / has attended:

The 2019 New York Venture Summit
The 2019 New England Venture Summit

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