Blake Pennington

Senior Associate
Fusion Fund

Current Summit Page

Blake is a Senior Associate at Fusion Fund where he leads deals in enterprise SaaS with a focus on AI, cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure. He previously was an Associate and MBA Venture Fellow at In-Q-Tel where he conducted portfolio management and deal due diligence on deals in enterprise SaaS, data analytics, video imaging, communications, and cybersecurity. Blake was previously the Director of Corporate Development at Profit Velocity Solutions, an early stage enterprise SaaS company based in San Francisco that works with complex manufacturing on profit optimization initiatives. He was also a Senior Consultant at the Celerity Consulting Group which provided project management services, particularly to Pacific Gas & Electric in response to several crises including the San Bruno pipeline explosion. Blake obtained his MBA from Georgetown University and his BBA from Loyola Marymount University.

Blake is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global 21

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