Balaji Gopinath

General Partner
Kubera Venture Capital

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Balaji Gopinath has spent over 20+ years investing in, building and scaling startups. He is currently Co Founder and General Partner at Kubera Venture Capital; focused on investing in PreSeed – Series A startups in the Industry 4.0/Future of Work space.

Most recently, Balaji was the Global VP at SAP.iO Fund & Foundry, an early stage investment arm of SAP (Seed and Series A) focused on investing in companies in the areas of Machine Learning/AI, Blockchain,Big Data, Commercial/Industrial IoT and other frontier technology.

Balaji has also launched, advised and managed several accelerator models at UpRamp/Cable Labs, R/GA Venture Studio, Acceleprise, Nike, and Turner MediaCamp. He has also held executive positions at Time Warner/Turner, Nike, and several startups ending in two IPOs, acquisitions, and some miserable failures, and holds 2 patents in the interactive advertising and automated content recognition space.

Balaji is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2020

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