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Amolak Singh Badesha is an accomplished technology, engineering and business leader with strong track record of driving strategic and operational results. He is currently angel investor with Sand Hill Angels and advisor with Silicon Catalyst.

He is co-founder of two startups: 1) Orbital Composites that is building large-scale robotic 3D printing technology for composites. 2) Anti-Gravity Systems: creator of adaptive AI Virtual Reality game “Rhythm Nights” allowing players to use their own music. Amolak is an avid reader, and broadly interested in broad range of technologies shaping the next 10-50-100 years of the Energy, Space, Medical, Environmental, Industrial and Transportation markets. Amolak has strong interest in breakthrough technologies that can disrupt and cut across many verticals. For example: AI/ML, 5G, Digital Factory, Space Tech, Green Tech, Security, Autonomous Systems, Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, Robotics.

Previously, Amolak spent 15+ years at Broadcom, Avago & Agilent in senior R&D, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Strategic M&A leadership roles.

Amolak is attending / has attended:

The 2017 Mobile Summit
Venture Summit | West 2017
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global

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